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Get More Out Of Your Marketing By Adding QR Codes That Link To Easily Edited Mobile Landing Pages.
Update Your Ads With Specials As Often As You Would Like, To Maximize Your ROI
Place A Stricker On Any Print
Media That You Already Have
Or Print Your Code Directly On
Shirts Or Other Promotional Items

Scanabilities, QRs on steroids!

We have developed a site using the latest QR CODE technology to make it easy to locate companies that are hip-savvy and operate info-rich, user-centered Web sites with one goal in mind: Simplifying your life. One site at a time.

Generate 1 or a 1,000 unique, high-res Scanabilities QRs with real-time tracking, scan notifications, shortened URLs for better readability and more. You can even create smartphone friendly landing pages with our easy to use editor. 3 Easy Steps!

Click the Generate tab to create your redirectable QR Codes.

Click the Campaigns tab to download your QR Codes. You can create unlimited campaigns, each with up to 1,000 codes in them.

Click the Controls tab to redirect any of your QR codes to any website address you choose, you can even control them even after they're printed!

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